The capacity to conserve and transmit memories is one of the fundamental notions of whichever human community. "Social immortality" is a theoretical study about how the notion of death will evolve in the context of the technocratic society. The immersive installation will question the "future of the death". What will be the evolution of the rituals related to death? What will happen to all social accounts and data created by the earth population? The project is a reflexion about the way that society of the nearest future will create, keep and re-experience their memories and important life events.


«Time immemorial» is an art piece by Maria Gvardeitseva studying the notion memory giving the hypothesis of the evolution of photography, video, digital image and the way the humanity will document their experience starting with the nearest decades. Exploring a complex technology of 3D filming in a green background set the artist recreates a wedding under a form of extensive immersive experience, where every spectator becomes an actual protagonist of a lifelike memory. This project is a complex study that brings together art, engineering and philosophy in order to show a possible evolution of personal and collective experiences’ transmission.