UNICEF has been working for children in 190 countries for 75 years. To stay flexible and find new solutions to global problems related to children, the UN Children's Fund invests in technology that can impact the lives of the most vulnerable children and adolescents. At the TIBO Information and Communication Technology Forum on June 6-10, UNICEF in Belarus presented its new digital tool - the Bebbo mobile application. Bebbo is an interactive guide all rolled into one that assists people in parenting from the moment their baby is born to the first day of school (ages 0-6).

«Let’s walk with UNICEF» continues one of Maria’s main artistic statements: putting a human face on global issues. Maria’s installation is conceived to raise awareness about the urge of child protection in Belarus. The artist tells all the huge stories behind little feet; she shows how many difficult paths can wait for children despite their young age. Here we find the story of a 17 y.o girl who contacted a bad company but subsequently, after working with specialists, figured out herself; a happy ending of a little orphan,his two sisters and brother who found his adoptive parents; the story of a girl who faced cyberbullying… With her project Maria communicates the human condition of the most fragile ones and shows the power of humanitarian engagement.