First big installation about the condition of orphans performed by Maria for the Center of Help to Orphans in Belarus. The project took place in December 2019 in DK Gallery (Minsk). The project shows that no gift can replace a real bound. Through its plastic language and immersive experience "Without Candies" draws attention to actual needs of children and communicates with visitors about existing solutions such as foster patenting.

The installation is a room covered with thousands of candy wrappers. These are the leftovers of the winter-holidays-charity from people coming once a year to give sweets to children without families. The short movies projected around the space with the actual orphans talking about their experience in the orphan houses fill the empty wraps with meaning: no gift can replace a real bound. Nowadays, there are many opportunities to include a child into a family. Through her project Maria helps spectator to make the first step - seeing and acknowledgment of desperate need for love and attention of little lonely human beings.