With her project performed for Happy Art Museum in Riga in July 2020 Maria brings together the whole palette of emotional changes that the humanity went through with the coronavirus pandemic. "What experiences have we discovered in ourselves, and which have passed unnoticed by the mind? It was important for me to "anchor" emotions and new habits of behaviour - and the installation appeared as a reflection, a reflection of these rapid social shifts" she says. Maria reflects her experience through immersive spaces and real-life footages of what we all have been living with for the past two years and creates a metaphor for a sort of Covid-expericence neuronet, where everyone becomes one.

The installation includes four separate rooms. The first one is filled with videos of Zoom- dinners of real people. The second space is dedicated to doctors and their contribution to the fight against the pandemic. A short documentary filmed with a GoPro camera tells the story of one day of the head physician of the coronavirus department . A short movie film about the deserted industrial zones of the airports is shown in the airport area. All videos were shot in April 2020. The last part of the installation is a space decorated with 3,500 latex gloves.